Marco Paul is a distinguished composer, multi-instrumentalist, and audiovisual artist with a fifteen-year career marked by over 800 live performances, 8 albums, and international tours with bands like Sour Soul, Ratbot, Funk My Jesus, and Marco Paul’s Soul Train Trio.

Currently, in his project Soul Train Trio, Marco collaborates with Nicolas Silveira on drums and Jaime Aldaraca Ferrao on baritone saxophone and transversal flute. Since 2014, this trio has captivated global audiences with their soul, jazz, and funk renditions. On May 25, 2023, they released their debut album, a vibrant seven-track collection reflecting their unique perspectives and narratives. Embark on a musical journey through their stories and worldviews with this compelling release.


Eddie James House Jr, better known as Son House, was a singer and guitarist of Delta Blues, born at the beginning of the last century in Mississippi. His interpretation, widely recognized for being deeply emotional, is considered a pillar in the history of popular music of the 20th century.

In this single, produced by Basque composer Aitor Etxebarria, Marco Paul arranges and reinterprets in his own aesthetic the iconic song “Grinnin'”. He is also accompanied by American drummer Michael Alan Hams and his friend Doc Ol’ Possum Aldaraca on harmonica and baritone saxophone.

Author: Son House
Produced by: Marco Paul & Aitor Etxebarria